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5 ways to get more from membership card

The essence of every memebership is to retail the customers and keeping the good relations with them. However, a lot of companies are missing a golden chance to offer more than plastic card to their clients.

Why you shouldn't miss this opportunity? Because this card is a bond between you and your customer, which can get you more money, establish better connections between your company or brand and customers and keep customers away from the competition. Therefore our advice is: Use all the opportunities that a plastic card offers.

We give you 5 tips how to add value to membership cards.

Members try it first – Give your members the exclusive right tp be the firs one to try a new product, or special offer to be the first who buys new product at exceptional value, also give them a exclusive right to attend the presentation of the new services. These small privileges will make them feel special and appreciated.

Discounts – Special terms and conditions of purchase for memebers are the crucial partt of the membership program. Your members need to know that you are grateful by rewarding their choice with discount on service or product in season or for special occasion.

Surprise gift – Surprise your customers with gift for their birthday or for membership anniversary. They will appreciate this gesture, and the photo with your gift on it can go viral on social media and increase the numbers of your members

Partnership programs – Find partnesrs who offer similar products or services to yours. For example offer to members of a fitness club discount for shopping sports gear in XY store. Owner od XY store should grab his opportunity and offer membership cards that give some discount at fitness club.

Loyalty bonuses – Reward loyalty and show that you appreciate the choice of your customers. Reward customers with discount or symbolic gift while you are increasing your revenue.


Fitness card

Plastic fitness card isn't just amembership card of a local fitness club. Let's look at the bigger picture.

For some companies the members of your club are the primary target group of consumers. Companies are always looking for a new aproach to get to the customers and make a direct contact with them. Membership card can became powerful marketing promotional tool. Membership card is always with the excerciser. Increase the volume of card usage, let them use it as often in a large number of situations.

Here are some ideas how to do it:

  • Use it as a pass, loyalty card, gift card, VIP card, discount card.
  • Use it as a advertising space. Offer space on card as an advertising space.
  • Offer to complement compaies a partnership. Let them brand your card.
  • Set QR code that leads on fitness or health application.
  • Print your website address, barcode, discount code.
  • If your membership card has a magnetic stripe, use it for additional discounts on sports gear or spa center.

Let your fitness card become a generator of additional revenue and a way to maintain the loyalty of the members of your club.

What your business card tells about you and your business?

A LOT. Make sure that you know that a business card is a first impression about your company. You get only one chance to make a first impression, that will always affect your business image.

It matters what kind of card you hand during introductionto a potential client, of course, if you want to make a great first impression.

Let the card talk for you about your values, let it reflect your believes and what you appreciate in others. Card can help you to stand out over the competition and highlight your qualities and uniqueness.

What material for you card you should choose? The answer is simple: Take the plastic business card.

Why? There are some good reasons:

1. Durability-Let people remember you for a long time

Plastic card last longer, it is more endurable and if it's design is good it will earn a special place on partners or clients desk. All plastic cards have one thing in common: Quality. These cards remain the same for the long time. It can take weeks, even months before a customer decide to contact you and that is why is so important to have a business card that looks good and it is so much better than zour competitor card.

2. Attractivness - Stand out from the crowd

Giving business card is usually a first step when creating a business contact and it is crucial to leave abiding good impression on business partner. Let the card speak for itself long time after your meeting. Be sure that you will stand out high above your paper concurents.

3. Design possibilities - Creativity is the limit

You want to be remembered by style, quality and design? Design of a business card observe as the design of your home, it must be unique and reflect your personality or what you want to reflect. Original design tells about your commicment to superior quality, determination to think about business in different way, to achive impossible and it communicate your inventiveness and openness to innovation.

4. Tehnological possibilities - Look at the bigger picture

It's difficult to decide which important information to put on small card. Cards has only front and back side, dosen't it? Well, no. What about space between front and back of the card? Make USB business card and put on it portfolio, product catalog, presentation of company or some other important file for achiving business success.

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5 Ways to maximize gift card usage

Holidays are coming to us. Gift card can become powerful tool which is increasing your revenue. Make a plan for a gift card campaing and draw customers to buy at your store a long time after they get and use their card.

1. Connect your loyalty and gift cards and play smart. Let the gift card to do the word for you, and to increase your revenue. Print the special offer on the card to initiate a larger purchase than the value of the gift card. How this works? Let's say that gift cards of 1000 dinars provides a 10% discount when a customer spends 2000 dinars in your store. By doing this you will encourage the customer to spend more money in order to obtain a discount. Customer will probably spend more money in your store.

2. Give a gift card to the loyal customers. Create a lottery for example, everytime customer uses loyalty card it gives them a chance to win a gift card of a certain amount. 

3. Many customers avoid gift cards because they are considered cold, impersonal gift. Personaliye gift cards and make them more personal gift. Get a printer and offer to your customers personalizes, original gift card. If you want to get your girlfriend something special, but you cannot guess her taste consider a gift card with your joint photo on it as a gift. This gesture will surprise her. Give your wife for wedding anniversary card with a picture from your honeymoon. Give your friend card with a picture of her puppy. Give to a friends child a card with photo of its favorite cartoon hero. Let your customers to express themselves, let them design cards they want.

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4. how social responsibility and donate money from every gift card. Put on your web site counter that displays yhe amount that you've collected. By giving to those who are in need, show the kindness of your company.Tell your customers that every time they buy a gift card certain percent goes to charity.  

5. PConnect related business. It would be great if your customer could get a spa or massage when she is getting gift card for buying clothnes. While buying dog food for your puppy you can also provide them a dog grooming. You can get a toy for a child with a gift card for a playroom.  

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