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loyalty kartice lojalti kartice
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The specification can be downloadedhere.


Personalization of thermal printing and embossing

– Names

– Numbers

– Bar codes (with and without numbers

under the Code)

Data information you can send us excel format. Excel format can be viewedhere.

Name and Surname Position Number Barcode code39 Valid until
Petar Petrović Director 001 100001 1.12.2012

There are several types of bar codes eg: EAN13, EAN128, EAN2, EAN5, Code128, Code128, a preferred type is cod39. Bar code is a number that can be linked to the client in the database and when the scan obtained his data. Bar code is primarily used in loyalty system where when scanning a barcode added points.

HOT STAMPING Aluminum Foil

films in different colors, gold,

silver, red, blue, pink, yellow. With these films can be done company logo, text or any effect depending on the ideas and opportunities.


Signature tape is available in any size, shape or number of (mainly used for the signature, Entering information or Notes)

You can design a card with several small fields of signed or may cover the entire side to make the field for notes.

Magnetic stripe (HiCo / LoCo)

We are offering magnetic stripes with HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripe. Magnetic stripe is placed in the back of the card 3mm below edge and it is 13mm long. There are two types of magnetic stripes HiCo(high coercivity) and LoCo(low coercivity). HiCo has stronger magnetic force and it is damage resistant.

Magnetic stripe contains 3 stripes used for recording data.

Every line has ability to input various information:

Line 1: Numbers and fonts(max 78 characters)

Line 2: Numbers(max 37 characters)

Line 3: Numbers (max 103 characters)

Based on your needs we can encode your data. These cards are used as loyalty cards, membership cards, gift cards. Based on data on magnetic srtripe, company can easily recognize their clients through card-reading on POS magnetic terminal.

Cards with glossy or matt lamination

(we don't charge extra for matted cards)

We are manufacturing full color plastic card with glossy or matt lamination.

For the black or dark prepress we recommend matt lamination because of card endurance.

Scratch-off foil

Scratch-off foil is usually used for protecting some valuable information, such as, gift winner, code, discount code, information, simbol etc.

Client get card by mail, in store or on some event.

User of the card scratch off foil to see the information. On the card you can have one or more scratch-off foil.

Embossing number and name

Embossing can be done on one side of the card. We can emboss words and numbers( just like on credit card). Height of the character can be 5mm(for 22 characters) or 3mm(for 27 characters).

Embossed characters can be coated in gold, silver, black or white color.